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What is North Valley Arts?

North Valley Arts (NVA) is a fine arts gallery dedicated to the arts community of Chico, California and
surrounding areas. NVA will encompass the visual arts, theater, dance, literature and music.
Its contributors will include artists and Artist educators. This site was started as a place that selected
artists will be able to display a portfolio of their art work.

North Valley Arts hopes to provide both entertainment and educational services. NVA will promote
enjoyment of the arts by having available a library of Artists Portfolios, Profile Biographies, Interviews,
and Studio Visits. The educational services will include information on each artist and his or her
individual biographical profile. This type of information will benefit not only the artist, but also the
collector, educator, historian, and student. We have other services in the works and planning stages. (Any ideas are welcome.)

Whatever you can contribute, we will appreciate the help and services you offer.
Please feel free to contact the Gallery Curator, Arthur W. Lemner (Chico, CA)
by email at:

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