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Studio Visit:
Shanti Di'Genova
Pictures & Biography.
Chico California.

Studio Visit:
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and an art educator. His
life is entwined in his
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Arthur W. Lemner displays
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Portfolio: Shanti Di'Genova

Shanti Di'Genova has extensive and varied
education and experience in art and art-related
fields, such as: drawing, painting, design,
photography, printing, engraving, interior
decoration, theatre, film, dance, teaching, event production, and management. Shanti’s education
includes technical fields such as graphics
reproduction, photography, printing
processes, screen printing, and commercial art.

He studied the fine arts in Philadelphia at the
Museum College of Art and the Temple University
Tyler School of Fine Arts. Shanti’s work experience
includes teaching art in New York, Massachusetts,
and Northern California; producing murals; acting; art directing for the theatre;
designing fabric screen prints, posters, and business systems; event production; and
working as art coordinator for the Wall Street Center for the Arts in Chico, California.
Shanti has exhibited his work for the past fifty years, with exhibits in New York City,
Bethel, Greenwich, Cambridge, Philadelphia, and Northern California.

If you wish to contact this artist, email him at shantidig@yahoo.com .

The following slide shows give a just brief overview
of this artist's talent and abilities.

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This first slide show has a few of Shanti's paintings with media such as
Oil paints, Acrylic, Water Color, and some Pastel paintings.

This Slide Show consists of many Charcoal and Pastel drawings that contain
some nude models in various poses as well as a few landscapes and abstracts..

Shanti Di'Genova thanks you for spending time with his creations.

If you wish to contact this artist, email him at shantidig@yahoo.com .
To order archival giclee or photographic reproductions of these works
in a variety of sizes, just email him at the same address.

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