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Studio Visit:
Ruben Heredia is an artist
and an art educator. His
life is entwined in his
study of the figure.
Shanti Di'Genova's
Charcoal & Pastel
Drawings. 2 slide shows
display the EROTIC nature
of the nude in artwork.
Arthur W. Lemner displays
artwork that reveals life's
deepest mysteries in slide
show format.

Studio Visit: Shanti Di'Genova _____________June 04, 2008

Shanti Di'Genova has extensive and varied
education and experience in art and art-related
fields, such as: drawing, painting, design,
photography, printing, engraving, interior
decoration, theatre, film, dance, teaching,
event production, and management. Shanti’s
education includes technical fields such as
graphics reproduction, photography, printing
processes, screen printing, and commercial art.

He studied fine arts in Philadelphia at the Museum
College of Art and the Temple University Tyler School
of Fine Arts. Shanti’s work experience includes teaching
art in New York, Massachusetts, and Northern
California; producing murals; acting; art directing for the theatre; designing fabric screen
prints, posters, and business systems; event production; and working as art coordinator
for the Wall Street Center for the Arts in Chico, California. Shanti has exhibited his work
for the past fifty years, with exhibits in New York City, Bethel, Greenwich, Cambridge,
Philadelphia, and Northern California.

NVA went to Shanti's studio in Chico Ca, to investigate this artist's environs.
What we found was a treasure cove of art work and a very busy artist. Shanti gave the
impression of a happy Faerie, much content with his creations. As can be seen in the pics
we captured, this studio is overflowing with Shanti's imagination. Many of his works
actually depict Faeries, Elves, and Pixies (we think they must be relatives).

We discovered that there wasn't one spot that didn't have a work-in-progress waiting
for the masters return. And from the look of it, return he does.

Shanti's work areas are a mass of visual stimulation; paints, colors, pencils and brushes,
paper and canvas; all good things to create with. Shanti uses Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint,
Water Colors, Pastels, and Ink to design and create his artworks.

One does wonder if this amount of stimulation is a benefit? Shanti seems to love it and
from the amount of his out-put, he thrives on it.

This looks inviting to those of us who create imagery, as well as intriguing to the
treasure seekers. There were surprises in every stack of artwork.

We found this work (above) just waiting to be hung up and we snapped a photo of it.
This is a great example of the amount of life one can find in Shanti's artwork.

We found this Gem and had to snap a picture to show the versatility of this artist.
This is truly wonderful to see. I wonder who the children are? Maybe his? (forgot to ask)

While in the studio, one cannot find a wall without a work of art on it. In fact, We found
stacks of art everywhere that have yet to find a home and a wall of their own. Shanti
does like to sell his artworks. He also exhibits in art shows whenever he has the
opportunity. If you are interested in buying an artwork you can contact shanti at
shantidig@yahoo.com .

These wall pics give just a partial
view of the studios art on the walls.
There is much more in all the rooms
of this treasure den .

This studio is definitely worth a visit and the artwork well worth the time investigating.
These photos were quick shots and do not do justice to Shanti's work.

It seemed that every picture had a story attached to it. To see more of Shanti's artwork
please visit his Portfolio on this website. The portfolio has several slide shows containing
131 examples at this time. Well worth seeing!

Shanti Di'Genova invites you to enjoy his art and thanks you for spending time
with his creations. Please visit Shanti's Portfolios to see more art.

If you wish to contact this artist, email him at shantidig@yahoo.com .
To order archival giclee or photographic reproductions of these works
in a variety of sizes, just email him at the same address.

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