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Shanti Di'Genova gives us
a show of his studio dwelling.
Shanti Di'Genova's
Charcoal & Pastel
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of the nude in artwork.
Arthur W. Lemner displays
artwork that reveals life's
deepest mysteries in slide
show format.

Studio Visit: Ruben Heredia _____________June 02, 2008

Ruben Heredia has been an artist and art professor for millions of years.
Don't believe us? Ask any of his crusty old graduated students! It's really hard to guess the actual birth date of this guy and at present he's not telling. His education and
experience in art and art-related fields, such as: drawing, painting, design, photography,
printing, sculpture, and teaching has shaped the artist into an "unmatched creator par
excellence" (quote from a crusty old student). We believe he has art degrees (apparently
so do the local colleges), And soon he will tell us or else!

NVA dropped into Rubens studio in Oroville CA (halfway between Oroville
and Chico), to investigate this artist's creative playground. We did find Ruben busy
creating. On entering the studio, one becomes aware of the mood and feeling that the
room emanates. We felt as though a time portal between dimensions had opened for us.

The studio has a work-in-progress waiting for the masters magic touch at every turn. It
really seems that Ruben has been having more fun than a barrel of artists on holiday.

Ruben's work areas are a mass of art pencils of various types along with paints, brushes,
paper and canvas (the necessities of life). Ruben uses color pencils (Prismacolor) and
graphite to bring into existence his ideas and explorations. He will at times use charcoal
for large monumental works. His oil paintings are very curvilinear and have a timeless
feel to them and are most often landscapes.

One can definitely see that Ruben's favorite medium is pencils, they're everywhere.
We did find paints and brushes as well as canvases at-the-ready as well. These are the
tools of a master artist. They may seem simple, but, in the right hands and under the
control of the right mind, they will create worlds beyond imagination.

This guy looks and sounds like an "Indiana Jones" type of professor to those of us who
create imagery ourselves. Ruben's subjects of investigation and depiction are definitely
places and subjects worth study. They are as intriguing as the ancient temples and ruins
of past civilizations. Ruben's mezoamerican pieces are like archaeological adventures.
And as for his figurative pieces, well let's just say they are very Eroto-Captivating.
The figures seem to be metamorphosing into their surroundings when we can find them
in the artworks themselves. He enjoys his figurative explorations and spends as much
time focused on these as he can.

Speaking of archaeology, one look around this studio and we found ourselves peering
and poking into every corner. Even the artist himself seemed to fit perfectly into his
surroundings. Maybe he was created here himself?

We found this environment a social psychological Gem which would take us far to long to
decipher, so we present what you see as a documentation of an artist, his life, and a
glimpse of his art. There are more pictures in the sideshows later on this page to "peruse."

While in the studio, one will find walls of "mood altering, art inducing, and mind blowing"
ideas just waiting for the artist to translate them onto canvas or paper.
It's definitely intoxicating for the art lover in the overall effect it creates.

This loft area is just perfect for the artist to sit at his big oak desk (not visible in this
photo) and look down upon his dominion. From up here the artist will read and study
the art and artists of ages past and present. Then at the right moment of inspiration
Ruben descends down into the work area to make real his visionary dreams and wishes.

This studio has an earthy feel to it, right down to the firewood stove similar to the ones used by artists of the golden age. Artists such as Howard Pyle, N. C. Wyeth, Franklin Booth, Maxfield Parrish, Lyendecker, Rockwell, Racham, Dulac, etc., etc.

Ruben has his comedic side as well. Here he joins his art study manikins in a friendly "threesome" still life. He has many manikins that he uses for the figurative art classes that he teaches at the near-by colleges, CSUC and BCC. Just to the right we see some drums. These are part of another of his passions - drumming. He plays for dance groups and at public events. And by the way - he's good!

This studio was definitely worth a visit and the artwork "stupendous". These photos
were just quick and dirty but they capture some of the essence of Ruben's life
beyond teaching. We also have more pix in the next slide shows, enjoy!

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Ruben's energy was a dominating force: powerful yet under total control as we watched
him during his creative moments (is is that lucid?). The pic's in this slide show give you
a basic idea of his working processes.

We hope you have enjoyed this Studio Visit with Ruben Heredia and will write to him at herediazen20x@yahoo.com . If you are interested in buying an artwork you can contact Ruben at the above email address.

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