Picture of artist Kelda McKinneyKelda Lenore McKinney,
Female, born 1/10/1983
in Casper, Wyoming.
Previous places of
Casper, Wyoming,
Oroville, Ca.,
Chico, Ca.

NVA: Kelda, what is your
cultural heritage?

Kelda: My parents are
Janice and David McKinney.
Scandinavian on my mother's side and Scottish
on my father's.

NVA: What is your education background?

Kelda: Iam presently at CSU Berkeley. before now I
went 3 years to Butte Community College in Oroville CA
and graduated in May 2004 with 3 AA's:
University Studies,
Social and Behavioral Sciences,
and Liberal Arts.

Others schools attended, Las Plumas High School.

NVA: Do you have important artistic influences,
such as: family, friends, teachers, mentors,
other artists, past or present?

Kelda: Yes. My high school art teacher, Mr. Caspers,
my friend Elisia Ware, and Renaissance artists, such as
Leonardo da Vinci and La Fauve artist Henri Matisse.

NVA: What have been your art endeavors
up to the present, such as art shows, awards,
and work, either private or commercial?

Kelda: I have just recently been involved in the local
Chico Silver Dollar Fair.
I won First Place and Second Place for my entries.

NVA: What is your current favorite medium?

Kelda: Oil painting!

NVA: What are your future plans in the field of art?

Kelda: I hope to work for Disney as an Imagineer.

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